• 56 South Clerk Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9PS
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Noor Indian Takeaway in Edinburgh

We are constantly working hard to provide you with the highest standards of food and service. Here are five reasons why you should choose us to take care of your dinner tonight.

♦ Healthy Food ♦

No cuisine is unhealthy unless you make it that way. We use the best quality vegetable oils and home made spices. Our Chefs never use more than its necessary to fulfill the cooking requirements of a certain curry. Our chef is more than happy to accommodate the requests to use fewer spices and less oil and still produce a tasty Curry using the flavors and oils found in the Vegetables and Meat themselves.

Please ask for our advice on healthy options.

♦ Fresh Food ♦

All the food we serve is prepared daily. Our Tikka (Chicken or Lamb barbecued in a Clay Oven) is prepared in small quantities throughout the day to keep it as fresh as possible, maintaining the exclusive taste of Noor. We do not follow the practice of keeping half cooked Chicken Tandoori. Instead we cook them from scratch for every order.

We do not pre-pack our pilau and boiled rice and re-heat for every order. We pack them fresh for every order.

Our Salads and spiced onions are NOT pre-packed once for entire week. We pack them fresh everyday.

♦ Quality Ingredients ♦

We are not afraid of spending more to get the best ingredients for our food. We do not compromise on quality by using "alternatives" in case of price increases or shortages.

Unlike many others, we use pure cream in our Korma and not condensed milk.

♦ Exclusive Dishes and Taste ♦

As well as producing the finest traditional Indian and Pakistani dishes, our Kitchen team are constantly coming up with new recipes and contemporary creations. We use home prepared "Garam Masallah" (spices) for our food. Check our Menu to try our freshly prepared delicious dishes and experience the taste of Noor tonight.

♦ Food Hygiene ♦

At Noor, we follow the Government’s Health, Safety and Hygiene guidelines religiously. All of our staff wash their hands frequently with antibacterial hand wash and our stationary and furniture is sanitised regularly. Food is cooked daily and any uncooked items are always stored separately. Temperature is checked at regular intervals to ensure quality of hot food.